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4.5 sao trên tổng 25 đánh giá
27 Aug 2019 tại 20:23 I order from here often and love it each and every time. Wish it wasn’t cash only but will go get cash out just for this place. Will order again really soon.
27 Aug 2019 tại 20:21 Love this place and the people. Food is amazing especially the pita. Will always order from here.
9 Jul 2019 tại 22:39 Have ordered from this place many times now and I have not been disappointed. Everything is wonderful. From the pizzas, to the pastas, and their Greek pita to die for. Will order again really soon. My only wish would be not cash only.
6 May 2018 tại 7:56 Tastes just like the food you'd get in Europe!
20 Nov 2017 tại 3:34 Delivered on time, Delicious pizza. I will re-order again to this restaurant.
7 Sep 2017 tại 12:04 Good service. Food is good. No reason for complaints :D
21 Oct 2016 tại 9:02 Beef lasagna was so delicious! Recommend! 5 stars!
7 Sep 2016 tại 20:03 Delicious pizza for a good price. Recommend.
7 Sep 2016 tại 19:33 Great food, fast delivery for a good price. Favorite restaurant.