NAPOLI'S PIZZA Napoli's pizza delivery

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4.5 sao trên tổng 22 đánh giá
6 May 2018 tại 7:56 Tastes just like the food you'd get in Europe!
20 Nov 2017 tại 3:34 Delivered on time, Delicious pizza. I will re-order again to this restaurant.
7 Sep 2017 tại 12:04 Good service. Food is good. No reason for complaints :D
21 Oct 2016 tại 9:02 Beef lasagna was so delicious! Recommend! 5 stars!
7 Sep 2016 tại 20:03 Delicious pizza for a good price. Recommend.
7 Sep 2016 tại 19:33 Great food, fast delivery for a good price. Favorite restaurant.
22 May 2016 tại 8:34 Great food delivered for an excellent price. A lifesaver for someone new to the area.
24 Sep 2015 tại 7:34 Very good delivery! Food is ok